Attention, drivers in Punjab! Brace yourself for potential changes that may affect your finances and road safety. The Punjab Police has put forth a bold plan to increase driving license fees significantly. This proposal aims to generate additional revenue and enhance road safety measures across the province. Let’s delve deeper into what this proposal entails.

Driving License Fee for Motorcycle and LTV

If approved, you’ll need to be prepared to pay more for obtaining a driving license. The fee for a motorcycle license, currently set at Rs. 550, is expected to undergo an astonishing surge of 263.64%, reaching a staggering Rs. 2,000. Similarly, aspiring LTV license holders may face a substantial increase of 321.05%, with the fee soaring from Rs. 950 to Rs. 4,000.

HTV Driving License Fees

The proposal doesn’t stop there. Those aspiring to hold an HTV license will face a shock, as the fees for these licenses are set to skyrocket from Rs. 450 to Rs. 4,000, representing an astounding percentage increase of 788.89%. These drastic changes may have significant implications for commercial drivers and businesses relying on heavy vehicles.

Learner License Fees

Obtaining a learner license may no longer be as affordable as it used to be. The proposed fee for a learner license is expected to jump from the current Rs. 60 to Rs. 500, showcasing an astonishing percentage change of 733.33%. Aspiring drivers may need to reconsider their plans for learning to drive due to the substantial cost increase.

International Driving License

The impact of the proposed fee hike isn’t limited to domestic licenses; it also extends to International Driving Licenses. If approved, obtaining an International Driving License would require a fee of Rs. 4,000, reflecting a noteworthy percentage increase from the existing amount.

The fate of the proposed driving license fee hike now lies in the hands of the provincial government. If approved, Punjab drivers will have to prepare themselves for a significant financial impact when it comes to obtaining or renewing their licenses

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